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Firm network technology£¨Guangzho£©Co., LTD has nearly10Years of experience in cross-border e-commerce operations£¬Is the domestic first along with China's cross-border e-commerce network technology company grow up together¡£Company currently has a cross-border electricity business professionals300More than 1£¬Independent of each otherITTechnology research and development center and the data analysis and decision£¬2000©OThe office space£¬20000©OThe modern intelligent warehouse service center£¬100,000ASKUProducts£¬And independent research and development professional sharing of supply chain system¡¢Logistics system£¬Independent structures, operating various international parcel dedicated line£¬Independent operation all over the world20Many well-known cross-border electric business platform£¬Is expected2018Comprehensive production value will reach10One hundred million yuan¡£

Company cross-border electric business platform for many years won the outstanding award£¬Throughout the year2013IneBayExcellent seller club£¬2015And the year2016Won outstanding star award£¬2017In cross-border electricity business enterprise in the asia-pacific region ranked the top five¡£

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Corporate mission

The sale of customer satisfaction products£¬Provide customer satisfaction services


Corporate vision

To become the world's outstandingB2CCross-border electricity service enterprises


Enterprise core values

Team work¡¢Sincere and trustworthy¡¢Hard work¡¢Have the courage to bear¡¢The spirit of innovation


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Firm network technology£¨Guangzho£©Co., LTD

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